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Whiteout Survival

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Whiteout Survival is a survival strategy game to center on a glacial apocalypse theme. Fascinating mechanics and intricate details await you to explore! The catastrophic decline in global temperatures has wreaked havoc on human society. Those who have made it out of their crumbling homes are now faced with a new set of challenges: vicious blizzards, ferocious beasts, and opportunistic bandits looking to prey on their despair. As the head of the last city in these icy wastes, you are the only hope for humanity's continued existence. Can you successfully guide the survivors through the ordeal of adapting to the hostile environment and re-establishing civilization? The time for you to rise to the occasion is now! [Special Features] ASSIGN JOBS Assign your survivors to specialized roles such as hunter, cook, woodcutter, and many more. Keep an eye on their health and happiness and treat them promptly in case they get ill! [Strategic Gameplay] SEIZE THE RESOURCES There are still countless usable resources scattered across the ice field, but you are not alone in this knowledge. The vicious beasts and other capable chiefs are eyeing them as well... War is inevitable, and you must do whatever it takes to overcome the obstacles and make the resources yours! CONQUER THE ICE FIELD Fight for the title of the Strongest with millions of other gamers from around the world. Stake your claim to the throne and establish your dominion over the frozen wastes in this test of your strategic and intellectual prowess! BUILD AN ALLIANCE Find strength in numbers! Create or join an alliance and dominate the battlefield with allies at your side! RECRUIT HEROES Recruit heroes of different talents and abilities for a better fighting chance against the dreadful frost! COMPETE WITH OTHER CHIEFS Make the most of your heroes' skills and battle it out with other chiefs to win rare items and infinite glory! Take your city to the top of the rankings and prove your mettle to the globe! DEVELOP TECHNOLOGY The glacial catastrophe has wiped out all forms of technology. Start again from scratch and rebuild a system of technology! Whoever controls the most advanced technologies rules the world! Whiteout Survival is a free-to-play strategy mobile game. You may also choose to purchase in-game items with real money to speed up your game progress, but this is never necessary for you to enjoy this game! Enjoying Whiteout Survival? Check out our Facebook page at the link below to find out more about the game! https://www.facebook.com/Whiteout-Survival-101709235817625

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※画像はストアページのものです。 � Copyright 2023 Century Games Pte. Ltd. 『ホワイトアウト・サバイバル』サポートページはこちら � ツイート.

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