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Tappy: Self Care Fidgeter

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Welcome to Tappy, where mental health meets fun! Tappy is a fidgeting app designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety quickly in a fun and satisfying way! As you tap or slide, you will enjoy incredible haptic responses and sound effects. And there is also so much more to Tappy! Check out the entire app to discover ways to be mindful, improve mental health, reduce stress, and ease anxiety. You'll find great fidget games, tools (like a Fidget Spinner!), and mood tracking that give satisfying haptic feedback responses! Tappy aims to be your one-stop fidget app for relaxing, focusing, and just having some fun! Tappy (Health Bar and Actions): • Tap on Tappy to boost your count! • Tap the Actions button to show a list of Actions you can do with Tappy such as Sleep, Send Love, Celebrate, and Start the Focus Timer! • Tappy energy bar at the top of the Tap tab: Throughout the day this health bar with lower, keep Tappy nice and energized by tapping on him to increase his energy! • Change the haptic feedback type by tapping the customizer. • In the customizer there are multiple locked features. Press these locks to see how many taps you need to unlock it! • Time yourself with the 30 second countdown timer! See how many times you can tap in 30 seconds. Your score will be recorded in Game Center if you are logged in so you can compare your score with people around the world. Fidget: • Fidget with a whole bunch of satisfying haptic fidgeting activities and tools! • Turn on sound (and turn off vibrate) to hear the sound effects! Arcade: • The Arcade is a place to play some fun quick games with haptic vibrations that will be either multiplayer or single-player. • New games will be added in the future. • Grab your friend, warm up your fingers, and get ready to tap! Click the yellow question mark on any game to see the instructions on how to play. Journal + Mood Tracking: • Plus members will be able to track their mood and journal about it! • You can view your mood entries in the "Insights" section of the Mood Tracker widget. • Lock your journal entries with your device's Face or Touch ID! Leaderboards: • Tap the yellow circle (with the Game Center icon) under Tappy's face to view your current rank that is based off your Tappy Count! • You can also view your fastest bubble popping times! Relax (Feelscapes and Breathing Exercises): • Breathe with the haptic breathing guide. • Relax, focus, and calm down with powerful repeating haptic vibration Feelscape patterns, some are with sounds or music so be sure to plug in some headphones! More Feelscape patterns coming in the future! • Each vibrating pattern can be set up with a timer! • Designed to help you focus, relax, and support mindfulness! • iPhone 8 or newer is required for a full Feelscape haptic audio experience. More: • Haptics: Enjoy the super satisfying haptic activities throughout the Tappy app! • Theme Color: Go to the Tappy settings, then under the Theme Color section tap the color wheel to select and change the color theme of the Tappy app! Once you unlock any new feature you'll get an alert. Don't forget to check out the Apple Watch app too! More features coming soon so get tapping! Website: • https://www.tappyhealth.com Email: • cameron@tappyhealth.com By using Tappy you agree to the Terms and Conditions at https://www.tappyhealth.com/terms and have read our Privacy Policy at https://www.tappyhealth.com/privacy Disclaimers: • Requires iPhone with a Taptic Engine for the full haptic experience. • Tappy may not be safe for some people with Epilepsy. Some lighting or colors used in Tappy may be disruptive to people who are sensitive to light.

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Tappy: Self Care Fidgeter by Cameron NazemiTappy: Self Care Fidgeter by Cameron Nazemi

App Store Description. Welcome to Tappy, where mental health meets fun! Tappy is a fidgeting app designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety...

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