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Music Dash - Full Mod Fight

Beat Battle of Saber and Blade







Music Dash is a rhythm running game. How to play: 1 Choose your song 2 Control with one finger 3 Hit the notes with various weapons Play with game, anime, EDM music. Key features: 1 Massive hot songs 2 Exciting and challenging tracks Free New Songs! Check the game! Music Dash is a music game from Jingmao Tec. Contact us by App Store or email below. We're looking forward to your game feedback to improve our game! Feedback beatrun11e@gmail.com Related agreements and policy http://www.jingmaotec.com/beatrun/agreement http://www.jingmaotec.com/privacy

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Beat Battle by Jingmao TecBeat Battle by Jingmao Tec

Beat Run! Pop Music Rush. Jingmao Tec. Beat Battle Duel. THUAN TRAN QUANG. Music Dash - Full Mod Fight. Music Dash. Jingmao Tec...

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