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Jess' Stories - Life Adventure

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► JESS IS A MESS Life isn’t going so well for Jess: She’s just lost her boyfriend, she’s been kicked out of her house, and she’s suffering the most epically awful bad hair day in history. But everything in the story is about to change when school friend Eric suddenly invites Jess to a glamorous party! Join Jess on her adventure, navigate the drama, and help her make the right life choices to thrive and flourish in this awesome matching and makeover game that’s fun to play, packed with entertaining stories, and always full of surprises. ◾Urge to merge? Makeovers and home renovations don’t come cheap, so if you want to help Jess out, you’ll need to earn some money and some stars. To do this, solve the game’s fun merging puzzles, create new items, earn tokens, and become a merging legend . ◾An outfit for every occasion Jess’s adventures in the game take her to all sorts of different locations, from glamorous parties to secret spy missions to romantic dates, and she always has to look her best. Buy as many outfits and as much makeup as you can, make the choice of how to combine them most effectively, and ensure that Jess is always the most stylish and beautiful girl in the whole world wherever her story takes her! ◾Make a date of it Help Jess make new friends and find true love in the game by going on a series of ever more outlandish dates. Encounters with giant birds, secret bases, TV cooking shows, adventures on an active volcano, and a whole range of other wild stories await Jess on her long and winding journey to find true love. ◾Room for improvement Jess inherited a big house from her eccentric grandpa, but this once beautiful mansion is now in a terrible state. Help Jess get through the big clean up and renovate the house, choosing the perfect design and interiors to create a luxurious residence fit for a rising internet star. ◾Going viral Jess’s big plan is to become an online PikPok influencer. But the road to the hearts of internet fans is long, arduous and filled with potential pitfalls. Join Jess as she puzzles out a path to online fame and fortune, records viral videos and challenges, picks up followers and becomes a real internet star. ► IT'S GAME ON! Are you looking for a casual game that’s packed with adventure stories, romance, drama, fashion, puzzles, makeovers, home improvement and heaps of fun? Download Jess’ Stories now, start solving merging puzzles, win levels, earn rewards and help Jess get her life back on track. It’s guaranteed to be a blast! Privacy Policy: https://say.games/privacy-policy Terms of Use: https://say.games/terms-of-use

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Jess' Stories - Life Adventure by SayGames LTDJess' Stories - Life Adventure by SayGames LTD

Jess's big plan is to become an online PikPok influencer. But the road to the hearts of internet fans is long, arduous and filled with potential pitfalls. Join...

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