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New Dimension Rhythm Game







A harmony of Light awaits you in a lost world of musical Conflict. New Dimension Rhythm Game Touch, hold and slide through a challenging, unforgettable arcade-style experience featuring artists from Japan and across the Entire World. Lose yourself in songs of Light and Conflict within a forgotten world --- Two young girls wander in a broken world filled with remnants of its former self: Arcaea. Arcaea are melodical shards of the past that call out to the girls, but each chooses to be experienced only by one or the other. Over time, the girls begin to notice inconsistencies in the Arcaea that choose them and develop conflicting views about the world as it once was. --- Play anywhere and anytime with no limitations. Internet connection not required Features-- - A high difficulty ceiling - experience personal growth as you develop skills in arcade-style progression - Over 160 songs from more than 100 artists famous across other games - An expanding music library through content updates - Full song jacket illustrations - Online friends and scoreboards

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